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YDI - "A Place in the Sun"

Created: 2015-03-07 23:25:21

YDI - “A Place in the Sun”The first time I saw YDI was on Halloween two years ago. The month before, my girlfriend of two years, whom I moved to Philadelphia with, broke up with me. It was two days prior to my 40th birthday. I never felt so alone. I had been in the city for about a year and a half, but hadn't really met too many people. I figured the best way to start meeting people was to go to more shows. I found out about the Satanic Rave 2013, which would feature Limecell, Serial Killers, Scareho, Tribe 13, Bad Luck 13, and YDI.

In the mid-90s, while living in Denver, I ran a small record distro. I mean, very small. But, it was a great way to get turned on to some great bands, while building my personal inventory, while making a couple bucks along the way. Coincidentally, upon moving to Philadelphia, I realized a great number of the bands I had been distributing were from Philly/South Jersey. One of those bands was Limecell. So, when I found out they would be playing on Halloween, it was settled I would go.

As it turns out, I did meet somebody at the show — a girl named Mel. She happened to be friends with the members of Limecell, and she informed me that one of the band members broke his ankle(s), so the band would not be playing.

A little bummed, I could hardly complain. Already, I had been turned on to a couple great bands, and we were only halfway through the show. After a while, this tall black man dressed in leather, wearing a Freddie Krueger glove on one hand, takes the stage. Having only seen old footage of the band YDI, I can only assume this is them. The singer, Jackal, has long hair, that he is continually combing with his ungloved hand to cover his face.

The music starts, and it blows me away. Jackal starts singing, and I'm an instant fan. I was lucky enough to see them play about 3 or 4 more times in the next year prior to me leaving Philly. I ended up meeting Jackal at a Philly Hardcore reunion show featuring Serial Killers, Deadspot, Trained Attack Dogs, and Live Not On Evil (featuring members of Dr. Bombay), and I hung out with him at several subsequent shows. He is such a nice man, and he reminds me of so many other punks who just refuse to grow up. There is a good interview here with Joseph Gervasi, who runs Loud! Fast! Philly!, talking to Jackal.

Thirty years ago, YDI released their first EP, “A Place in the Sun” on Blood Bubble Records. It has been out of print since then. The record contained 9 songs and lasted about 11 minutes. TKO Records has finally re-pressed it after 30+ years. Unfortunately, I left before they did their meet-n-greet at Sit & Spin Records for the re-release of this record.

Most of the lyrics on the record are about feeling like an outcast in the world, and being disgusted with society. “Mad at the World” ends with the lyrics:

I'm ugly, I'm poor, I'm awkward, I'm nothing.

Apart from the lyrics, standouts on the record are “Why Die?” for the killer guitar work.